Mr and Mrs Perry

Temple Guilding is a picturesque village in the Gloscestershire. Set off the beaten track and in the heart of rural England, it was to host the beautiful wedding of Robert and Chloe Perry.

I first met Robert and Chloe through Chloe’s father and I was invited over for drinks to chat about the big day. They were keen to have some candid pictures rather than anything to formal which was exactly what we provided them.

The wedding day arrived and off I went, leaving London in the early hours of Saturday morning and arrived onsite with plenty of time to put on my suit, drink some water and scout out the grounds.

He’s a few images to give you a taste of how Robert and Chloe celebrated their wedding.

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This was an amazing day and well worth the effort put into it by Robert and Chloe.


Big thanks to Dean Mclachlan for all his hard work on the day.